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How nice would it be to have the ability to determine our own hours of work, rather than someone else who dictates how much time we have to take away from our family and friends, as the case may be! Having the choice of working x amount of hours today because my child has a big game, school function, etc, that I cannot or will not miss. Or having the time to put in some extra time into my business… My decision not the boss!

Well folks, this is one (1) of my many passions and I am honored to be able to share this with you…

Importance of Owning Your Own Business…

Obviously, the first (I believe) and foremost, is the rewarding feeling of setting up your own schedule based on your specific needs for that day. Whether that be your beautiful wife and/or children or your family of friends. The ability and opportunity to have the pleasure of prioritizing our time is absolutely available to us! How sweet it is!

We know best as to how much time we need to better provide both personally and financially for our family/friends as the case may be, than a boss who is thinking the same towards his or her family needs, above ours, and rightfully so.

So…you may be saying to yourself… Self… “Where do we begin and why is this all important to each of us searching for this type of opportunity to fulfill our needs and responsibilities” ….

What It Takes To Become Your Own Boss…

This really is not that hard to figure out. If you really and truly are tired of working for others paychecks, bonuses, vacations, toys, etc..then you are well on your way to answering that question. I would guess, we all have had these kinds of feelings and thoughts at least once in all of our working years.

First off you need to have the desire, dedication and most of all the passion for ruling your own roost, not being ruled by others. If that’s you, then the next step is to allow me to offer the opportunity that I am embarking on, which is the purpose of my content. Thank you for being open to my offer, I truly believe you will be impressed.

Here is to the 1st day of the rest of our lives… Affiliate Marketing!

Why You Would Want To Start A Business…

There are many reasons for this question, however, the top one (1) has to be the simple fact that it allows us and our family and friends to have the freedom of enjoying the pleasures’ that life has to offer us, if we so desire!

Instead of us working for the company VIP’s, Management, Supervisors, Bosses in general, to provide handsomely for their respective families/friends, at our expense, we could have all of that ourselves. Being the VIP ourselves…wouldn’t you agree?!

Why is it, that we have to work paycheck to paycheck, when the luxury of owning your own business is as simple as owning a home computer and/or a laptop and the passion to provide for yours as you see fit, not the people mentioned above!

I say… Start Your Engines Folks… “Let’s begin the 1st Day of Our Lives Today”…

Setting Goals For Your Own Business To Succeed…

I suggest that we spend some quality time with our family and friends and discuss what we would like our lives to be like. In other words, what kind of life style do we want for our families and ourselves?

This happens by setting personal and financial goals. By having a family discussion we can take advantage of all our desires, wishes, etc. You know…two (2) heads or more are better than one (1), yes!

Goals, folks. We can make ourselves more accountable if we set these as a family unit rather than by our self.

As, the ol’ saying goes… “We Don’t Plan To fail… We fail To Plan” The same can be said if we don’t set goals and make ourselves accountable.

These are a just a few reasons why we want to have Goals.

Final Thoughts…

I hope you have found some interest and more importantly, the desire to want to leave the humdrum, day to day, commute to and from work for someone else’s lucrative life style. My desire is to offer a way out of this dilemma and have the option of doing more for our families and friends, that I can’t help but feel, we all have in our deepest thoughts and hearts to provide.

If, I have opened this door of becoming your own boss and controlling your destiny rather than the big guy doing so, then I have succeeded with one of MY personal Goals…

Ya know my friends…as a 19-year truck driver, living on these busy, busy, roads and being away from my family 2-6 weeks at a time has been very trying and extremely hard on my wife. All I have to say is… I have been truly blessed to have my wife and our children, who have been very supportive and understanding with my career in the trucking industry.

And now I have come to a time in my Life where I have again been blessed with this opportunity for a Work From Home Business that is giving me the ability to go into my retirement with a happy family, knowing I am home, safe from the roads and working towards a long and forthcoming desire of mine.

I would be honored to finish with this… “To All of Our Deepest and Heartfelt Desires and Endeavors… I Wish The Utmost Success!

May You All Have a Wonderful and Blessed Day 🙂


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Stay at home Mom, with ambition to have my own online business. We have been blessed with 3 girls, 11 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. Affiliate Marketing and Promoting Business is my passion. Thank you for visiting my website!
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