“Help…I’m Trapped!”

Are you saying to yourself…Self…”There are thousands of people making a lucrative living online…Why can’t I as well”  Quick answer…”Absolutely You Can!”

Do you feel (as I do), that the harder I work the more the company gets, while I sit here living paycheck to paycheck?

No offense to our bosses..but they seem to not have the same values as they once did.  I say that because every time I turn around I am being held back while someone else is given a raise/promotion/recognition, while I am doing more.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I/we don’t/didn’t get along with them (bosses) as well as the one(s) getting the recognition do/did.  This IS wrong!


Instead of having the resolve to recognize a worker for their work habits, etc. they seem to pay attention to their favorites.  Very unprofessional as a manager.  If they had the proper managerial skills, they would realize the value of people that show the initiative to do their jobs with good ole pride, morals, and integrity in their work.  Thus, getting more quality production, therefore, not only reaching the companies goals as well as their own goals, they themselves would receive a promotion/raise as the case may be…WOW…what a concept, I say!!  Unfortunately, that appears to be far and few in between these days, what a shame!   Therefore…


How many of us have thought and spoke of that notion…Becoming your Own Boss?  Are you aware of the fact that there are upwards of 3.75 billion (yes with a B), people on the internet doing one or all of these things…buying,selling,searching, making a full time living?  This notion I speak of…the opportunity to starting your own online business from home is down right staggering today!

I highly recommend you visit the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity.  I have researched several affiliate marketing opportunities and have come to the conclusion Wealthy Affiliates is without a doubt the opportunity for you, by far.  They not only supply everything, I emphasize everything, you will need to start your very own business from home.  They walk you through step by step, beginning with,    An Overview of Wealthy Affiliate Skill built: Setting up Your Account  then  How to Make Money Online
Skill built: Commenting on a Discussion, to building your own secured website, which, by the way is all inclusive with your premium membership.  Please note that, after researching several other opportunities I have found that they charge for everything you will need to build, secure, publish, etc. separately.  WA again, is all inclusive when you become a premium member.  By the way, this is VERY affordable as well, compared to what I have seen out there!  And you are NEVER left to learn all this on your own…There is a community of fellow members available 24/7 to offer their experience and knowledge in helping you all through the entire process, this also includes the owners as well.  How refreshing is that. The owners are also available to answer your questions and concerns.  NICE…


If you are ready to start the rest of your life doing for you and your family and not for someone else needs and wants at your expense, then it is time for “Lift Off‘…

First off I would like to take this moment to say…”I eagerly welcome any and all comments and/or thoughts regarding my post and want to thank you upfront for taking the time  reading my take on an opportunity to take charge and provide the way I want to.  Hope you are of the same mindset as I”

If you can set aside all preconceived notions and be a sponge, you will have the proper beginnings of building this home based business with ease.  All you have to do is follow the steps laid out exactly in the order Wealthy Affiliates has so professionally put together for us.  In doing so you will find yourself with a very strong foundation in which you will build your own online business on. Which is the most important first step you will want to do.

Finally, know this…Wealthy Affiliates has EVERYTHING you will need from building your own website to constructing it to getting affiliates, getting traffic and of course how to begin your/our sole purpose and that folks is, of course…Making a Lucrative Living from the comfort of our homes, to provide as you and I deem necessary.  On our own terms not someone else terms!  How sweet it is!



Remember this MY Friends…this is an opportunity for us to finally say goodbye to to working paycheck to paycheck for someone else back pocket!

I want to Thank All of You once again for taking the time to read my blog and hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have posting this!

I wish all of you the Very Best in All of your Endeavors!

Till the next time…”Take Care and May You have a Blessed Day!”











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Stay at home Mom, with ambition to have my own online business. We have been blessed with 3 girls, 11 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. Affiliate Marketing and Promoting Business is my passion. Thank you for visiting my website!
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